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Action Potential

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Photo by: Vitali Kononov

What People Wrote

"You and the entire team were amazing! What an inspiration to us all. So artistic, yet relatable to those of us who are, at times, 'art-challenged.' I enjoyed this so much. Incredible talent in movement, space creation, and emotional connectedness. Truly a great show!!!

Action Potential

August 17th-25th, 2019

Saturdays at 6pm/8pm & Sundays at 7pm

Isadora Duncan Dance Dance Award Nominee

Outstanding Achievement in Performance – Ensemble

Directed by:

Megan Lowe


Choreographed & Performed by:

Megan Lowe with Sonsherée Giles & Shira Yaziv


Live Music by Girl Swallows Nightingale:

Marica Petrey, Mogli Maureal, & Travis Kindrid

Lighting Design by:

Dylan Feldman


Artistic Residency from:

Athletic Playground


Performing at:

Athletic Playground

4770 San Pablo Ave, Ste E

Emeryville, CA 94608

Action Potential is a site-specific dynamic dance and live music adventure by Megan Lowe Dances, created for Emeryville's Athletic Playground. Audiences will be led on an innovative journey through the rooms of Athletic Playground, while dancers artfully activate ladders, planks, bars, mats, blocks, aerial apparatus, walls, and each other. Megan, Sonsherée Giles, and Shira Yaziv, join together for six energetic, athletic, and virtuosic performances, demonstrating prowess in site-specific dance, contact improvisation, and dynamic partnering. Girl Swallows Nightingale will paint a vivid musical canvas that shifts its colors between modern rock, jazz, theater, funk, and pop, to underwater soundscapes and dreams of outer space. Witness one of six invigorating shows—August 17th-25th, Saturdays 6pm/8pm and Sundays 7pm—and watch a space come to life and transform.


After Megan, her partner, and roommate experienced a life threatening assault and home invasion while saving two strangers' lives from an enraged attacker, Megan attributes having healthy active bodies as a primary reason why they were able to make it through this horrific moment in time without more damage, and for the potential to take action to help shield those in need from further harm. As they continue to heal physically, financially, and emotionally, the process of creating dance with people Megan loves has helped her process this trauma, and move forward. In Action Potential, performers channel their inner superheroes, climbing, lifting, assisting, jumping, and flying in celebration of movement, trust, strength, resilience, and the ability to take action.

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