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Finger TRap




“...incredible chemistry and body-synch perfection you and Brenton shared and the delightful fluidity of both of your bodies moving in space. There was also a very intentional theatrical prowess to the work: every detail seemed so intentional and therefore provocative...your piece felt like an intentional gift to the audience and not just a glimpse into the working of dance making.”



“You're dancing continues to amaze me; an exceptionally fluid athleticism. And your choreography was such a pleasure to witness; crafted on every level: lights, music (starting with infectious joy, personal, and then layered intensity), the flow through 4 different and connected sections and underlying concepts...Your commitment to all you do is evident.”


Each Other

“I thought your energy together was fantastic. You both complemented each other beautifully. I enjoyed how you both propelled each other in different moves into other moves...I liked the amount of moving acrobatics. It was a very dynamic piece.”

Finger Trap

December 5th-8th, 2019

"Dancing with you, is like taking an advanced course in physics," Brenton Cheng said to Megan Lowe after an extensive and exciting dance at a contact jam, years ago. This led to more exhilarating dances, and then their first performance collaboration. In Finger Trap, Megan and Brenton dive deep into physical puzzles while treading on the surface of shared ancestry. As dance artists with Chinese heritage, they whirl with a staff reminiscent of a Chinese gun staff, tether themselves together with finger traps to explore new pathways via limitation, research/dance to Chinese American musicians, and composed their own music that shared stories of their grandmothers.

Choreographed & Performed by:

Megan Lowe with Brenton Cheng

Lighting Design by:

Harry Rubeck

Produced by:

Scott Wells & Dancers for Muscle Memory


Filmed by:

Chani Bockwinkel


Edited by:

Megan Lowe


Performed at:

Dance Mission Theater

San Francisco, CA


  • “Expedition Voronya” by Shanghai Restoration Project

  • “Remembering Things” by Megan Lowe

    • Notes from Megan: After my grandmother Mildred (Mee Heung Fong) Lowe’s passing, I visited her home, and my attention was pulled towards her bookshelf. I selected Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses, and found a bookmark inside; it was one I had made for her when I was a child. While reading the book, I noticed that my grandmother underlined three sentences. I feel like she left a message for me, and that message became the lyrics of this song.

  • “Liebestraum mit Züge” by Brenton Cheng

    • Notes from Brenton: The piano music, Liszt’s Liebestraum No. 3, is played by my grandmother Patricia Cheng, secretly recorded as she whiled away the time, waiting for my uncle, an architect, to finish his meeting with a homeowner. She was born in 1915 in Beijing, China, a member of royalty, and passed away in 2015, just after her 100th birthday. New sounds were generated from this recording and from Megan’s song using a "granular synthesizer”.

  • “Tropical Spice Garden” by Shanghai Restoration Project

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