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Meeting Room


A Secret Journey

Your history together brought us to many unknown lands. You left us feeling we witnessed a secret journey. Cats. Ships passing. String. Sisters. Everyone who has peopled this room. Honoring every moment together. Honoring space. Figurative and literal. Timing of join-ups. Use of room. Start > Finish. Complete.

A Miracle in Nature

"Puzzle-like configurations of two bodies coming together. One body moving another, yet not mechanic, but purely organic. Felt like watching a miracle in nature that happened once in a hundred years; like a waterfall full of glowing stars."

an umbilical cord betweeN

"It was beautiful—a cascading shifting relationship with each other and the space that wasn't quite human, in a world where there wasn't quite verticality. But y'all also managed to be firmly connected—an umbilical cord between you. Thank you for your clarity and simplicity of structure; all felt helpful in these dark days. "

Meeting Room

October 24th, 2016

"Meeting Room" is a site-specific duet rooted in contact improvisation and partnering in relationship to a space. In this dance, Megan and Sonsherée must all ways be in contact with an architectural structure in the room, either directly or through each other—an exciting challenge for the dancers to explore, that evolves as they shift from surface to surface. Through this unique rule and limitation, new possibilities of movement and relating to each other are found.

Choreographed & Performed by:

Megan Lowe & Sonsherée Giles


Music by:

Megan Lowe


Costumes Designed by:

Sonsherée Giles

Filmed by:

John Carnahan


Edited by:

Megan Lowe


Performed at:

The Finnish Hall - Meeting Room

Berkeley, CA

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