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Funsch Dance Experiences' 100 Days Score is a list of 100 prompts to spark daily movement and creative investigations. The prompts are designed to take place anywhere you can make them happen. The goal is to support home practice in direct and tangible ways, to direct practice towards exploration and away from production, to examine our first choices and immediate instincts, and to invite in influence from other media as a means of enriching creativity. The score can be used for compositional, improvisational, and/or physical-mental conditioning ends. Most importantly the score values autonomy and the freeing of exploration from productivity.


I explored the 100 Days Score from November 2015 to April 2016. I am sharing some of my process here, via video documentation.


(Note: There are quite a few videos, so I put a "*" next to some of my favorite ones, and "**" next to my top 4, if you only have time to watch a few.)


For more information about Funsch Dance Experience's 100 Days Score, please visit:

Funsch Dance Experience Website

Shedding Contradiction*

Day 1: Shedding - Do a shedding dance.

Day 2: Wild desire writing - What do you want? Write about it.

Mission Improbable

Day 3: Collect five items.

Day 4: Organize the five items into three differnt spatial designs.

Arranging/Resisting Control**

Day 8: Make a phrase from Days 5-7 (move the echo of Day 4 three different ways on three consecutive days).

Day 9: Write about Day 8 from different perspectives/frames, such as dance history, pop culture, US politics, pick the perspective.

Toes Up, Fingers Down

Day 11: Use your fingers and toes as initiation points to move yourself to the far ends of you kinesphere.

Day 12: Make a 1980's Aerobic Routine that is equal parts rhythm and American football.

Day 13: Choose 2-3 places from Days 11 & 12 and delve deeper into each place.

Day 14: Do you want another day of delving deeper or exaggeration?

What Would Sprout

Day 15: Visit a building you've never been to before...walk around it and inside of it...identify its effect on your physicality.

Day 16: Pick up a book from your shelf and read one page.

-Featuring: Christine Germain, Rosemary Hannon, Amy Kingwill, Vitali Kononov

- Guitars: Marit Brook-kothlow, Nicco Tyson, Mindy Zarem

Inside The Yellow Seed**

Day 17: Improvise with themes of Inner and Outer. Use voice: what are the sounds that you associate with each theme?

Day 19: Draw a spatial design/pattern from Day 18 (Watch a professional sports game).

Day 21: Compile material from Days 15, 16, 17, and 19.

-Featuring: Christine Germain, Rosemary Hannon, Amy Kingwill

-Video footage from: Vitali Kononov

5 Senses*

Day 24: Improvise led by your sense of touch

Day 25: Smell

Day 26: Taste

Day 27: Hearing - use your own voice. How does your voice change when sent to or addressing different parts of your body?

Day 28: Sight

Sensing Urban Greenery**

Day 29: Combine Days 24-28 (improvise led by your sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight) and improvise outside in an urban environment

Day 30: Repeat Day 29 in greenery

Day 31: Record yourself talking about Days 24-30

Day 32: Write, digesting Days 24-31

Day 33: Make up own language (symbolic, cinematic, or verbal or...) from Days 31 & 32

Day 34: Compile from Days 24-33, hold on to some/all of it or let it go

Functional Expression

Day 39a: Improvise themes of function and expression

Day 40: Revisit improvisation from Day 39 while cooking or cleaning around the house

-Featuring: Madeline, Jackson, and Gary Lowe

tiny GIANT

Day 43: Locate potential investigations from Days 36-42...let simmer

Days 44-46: Run three days of movement investigations drawing from Day 43

-Featuring: Madeline Lowe

Heavy Heart & Constant Reminders**

Day 52: Sit and observe people in a restaurant or cafe for one hour

Day 53: Cull movement from Day 52. Combine with observations of people made on the subway/tram/bus.

Day 54: Make a list of what is on your mind

Day 55: Improvise from Day 54

Day 56: Combine Day 53 and Day 55; move it, write it, draw it, name it and/or throw it all away

- Featuring: Paul Dier's Crafted Tongue Drum

Evolving Repetition

Day 58: Move with “true” repetition for five minutes

Day 59: Move with evolving repetition for five minutes

- Featuring: Megan messing around with GarageBand percussion and neighbor walking dog :)


Day 57: Create a verbal score that describes an intriguing and dramatic landscape—sound it, sing it

Day 71: Improvise with the theme of exertion and recuperation

Chaining Locations

Days 77-78: Improvise initiating from bony connectivity chains. Choose at least four different chains to move from

Day 79: Pretend your favorite film director is coming over to make a film about your work and/or this work. What should she or he do?

Day 80: Approach entire chunk of material from Days 77-78

The Mobility of Stability

Day 81: Improvise with the theme of mobility and stability

Day 82: Write a scene from a play

Day 83: Follow through improvisation or set a phrase from 82

Dancing on the Great Wall of China*

Day 85: Observe (any) movement and record yourself describing it

Day 86: Use Day 85 to generate material

-Featuring music from: Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong and Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Hong Kong's Empty MTR*

Day 89: Use spatial support to extend your movement into bigger space

Clashing Shards of Paper

Day 90: What would X do? Move, write, film, etc. as if you were an admired artist of your choosing.

Day 91: Label things and put on shards of paper. Randomly re-arrange. If this leads you elsewhere, follow. Consider improvising with “set” material to potentially free it up-dislodge it-activate it.

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