Megan Lowe

Megan Lowe is a fierce female dancer, choreographer, performer, singer-songwriter, filmmaker, teacher, and administrator of Chinese and Irish descent creating work in the San Francisco Bay Area. With an affinity for dynamic places and partners, her dances tackle unusual physical situations and invent compelling solutions, opening up the imagination to what is possible. Megan has performed with Flyaway Productions, Scott Wells & Dancers, Lenora Lee Dance, Lizz Roman & Dancers, Kambara + Dancers, Nancy Karp + Dancers, Detour Dance, Dance Brigade, Epiphany Productions, This Sweet Nothing, Marit Brook-Kothlow, Christine Cali, Beth Fein, Karl Frost, Keith Hennessy, Nita Little, Tino Sehgal, Miriam Wolodarski-Lundberg, and more. Megan continues to create her own works through Megan Lowe Dances, presented both live and on film, as well as making collaborative works with dance-artist Sonsherée Giles. Megan is a UC Berkeley Alumni with degrees in Psychology and Theater, Dance, & Performance Studies, where she currently works as the Office Manager and teaches masterclasses focused on contact improvisation, dynamic partnering, creative movement, and release technique principles. She is a Teaching / Choreographing Artist for Joe Goode Performance Group, Bandaloop, and Flyaway, and has also taught for West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam, the Finnish Hall, InterKinected, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, KULARTS, for Athletic Playground with Shira Yaziv, and other organizations. Megan has been included in nominations for numerous Isadora Duncan Dance Awards for Outstanding Performance.


Megan's movement aesthetic is one ranging from subtle to explosive. She has an affinity for dynamic/kinetic movement, site-specificity/space-interaction, and contact improvisation/partnering—always searching for something or someone to interact with. Singing is also a passion of hers, she enjoys integrating movement and sound, and she composes music for her own works. She is currently a singer and collaborator in the alternative/folk band, TYPESTEREO. In addition, she finds love and comfort in athletic and daring movement, floor work, inversions, aerial dance, rock climbing (5.12a/V7 peak), Ultimate Frisbee, teaching, board game/video game playing, and kitty loving. Megan is always on the lookout for more performance, teaching, and administrative opportunities to continue growing in the field of performance arts and as a human being. Don't hesitate to Contact her if you are interested in working together!

Megan is honored to have been nominated for Isadora Duncan Dance Awards in:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Performance - Ensemble (2018-2019), with Sonsherée GIles and Shira Yaziv in Megan Lowe Dances' Action Potential. - Izzies 2020 Press Release

  • Outstanding Achievement in Performance - Individual (2016-2017), for solos in Flyaway Productions' Grace and Delia are Gone. - Izzies 2018 Press Release


She is also included in three other 2016-2017 Izzie nominations: 

  • Outstanding Achievement in Performance – Company: Flyaway Productions, Grace and Delia are Gone 

  • Outstanding Achievement in Performance – Company: Lizz Roman & Dancers, Sunset Dances

  • Outstanding Achievement in Choreography: Lizz Roman & Dancers, Sunset Dances (WINNER)

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Photos by: Mark Grzan