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Megan Lowe Dances

Megan Lowe Dances is committed to investigating, highlighting, and relating to others and to spaces in unique ways through movement. Promoting the visibility and viability of dance, they aim to create stimulating perspective shifting performances that are exciting and accessible to a variety of audiences. In addition to their dance theater productions, Megan Lowe Dances seeks to create innovative dances, outside of the traditional proscenium stage theater, and for unique architectural spaces both indoors and outside, giving viewers alternative ways of viewing dance, and the environment around them. The dancers climb, fall, and fold into and out of floors, walls, windows, stairs, ledges, and bodies, testing the laws of physics. They are constantly on the search for new discoveries through proficient movement generation, risk-taking, tackling unusual physical situations and coming up with compelling solutions.


Founded under the Artistic Direction of Megan Lowe in 2013, and led by a fierce female choreographer of Chinese and Irish descent—whose ancestry is woven into the fabric of her being, as well as her process to performance—Megan Lowe Dances creates dances that display the strength and versatility of female physicality, and that contribute to the visibility of organizations led by artists of color. Their dances for stage, film, and unique spaces have been seen in Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center's (APICC) United States of Asian America Festival (USAAF), at Joe Goode Annex, Dance Mission Theater, Grace Cathedral, Animate Dance Festival, California Memorial Stadium, Community Music Center, and SAFEhouse Arts, as well as in RAWdance's CONCEPT Series, Moving Images International Videodance Festival, Rouge Dancer's FilmFest, Detour Dance's Tiny Dance Film Festival, and San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema. We’ve had performance residencies at Athletic Playground, NCCAkron, Red Poppy Art House, Subterranean Arthouse, Finnish Hall, and most recently Megan has been in partnership with Johnny Huy Nguyen as the first dance artists in residence at David Ireland House. MLD choreographies have been commissioned by Legion of Honor Museum, de Young Museum, San Francisco Trolley Dances, ODC, CounterPulse, EastSide Arts Alliance, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Consulate General of Ireland, AAPI Healers for Liberation, James Graham Dance Theater, Upswell for Changemakers, Scott Wells & Dancers, and UC Berkeley’s Energy Biosciences Institute. We are honored to have received institutional support from California Arts Commission (CAC) Local Impact Grant, Zellerbach Family Foundation, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, Kenneth Rainin Foundation New Program, CA$H Dance, ODC's Theater Discount Initiative, FACT/SF Production Support Grant, and The California Nonprofit Performing Arts Grant Program.

Megan Lowe Dances' process thrives off of collaboration, prioritizing creating relationships of respect, generosity, and gratitude for each individual worked with, and facilitating that energy throughout the group dynamic. The tightly-knit group ensures a flourishing process that is palpable for the viewer in the product of performance. Through deep connections in conversation with the space and collaborators, audiences are invited to witness and freely interpret the happening—each viewer is encouraged to have a unique experience unto themselves. The world is a cascading puzzle, and the movers of Megan Lowe Dances are pieces that are constantly seeking new ways to fit with the elements around them.

"...intensely-physical, curiously-playful, delightfully-weighty rigor of physicality...with all the weight, spirit and power of real-life superheroes." 

Molly Rose-Williams for Life as a Modern Dancer

05 - Triangulate - Meg + Shi Post.jpg
10 - Triangulate - Shi Lifts Meg
02 - Triangulate - Meg + Shi Invert.jpg

Photos by: Maurice Ramirez

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