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body as source

Full Film



Double: body as source

in Collaboration with

Due West and Consulate General Of Ireland, Los Angeles

Digital Premiere: March 8th, 2023

Wednesday at 12pm

on International Women's Day



Consulate General of Ireland, Los Angeles

Double: body as source is a meeting of minds between Violinist-Composer Emer Kinsella, Dancer-Choreographer Megan Lowe, and Visual Artist Mary Little. Devised and created by Emer & Megan, this experimental duet of movement and sound responds to both Mary’s series Double and Eavan Boland’s poem Anna Liffey. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we invite you to step into this multidisciplinary collaboration, created by Irish artists in the Western US.


Due West celebrates the cultural links between Ireland and America, profiling Irish Artists traversing the Western US. Due West invites you to steal a glimpse into their journey - a moment stopped still - before continuing on their way, carrying with them their craft and their stories.


Join them, Due West.

Choreography and Dance by:
Megan Lowe


Emer Kinsella

Visual Artist:

Mary Little

Directed and Filmed by:

Alannah Campion, Christine Schwan, & Justin Schwan

Edited by:

Laura Sheeran

Sound Engineered by:

Jared Carrigan


Supported by:

the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland

Special Thanks to:

Siobhra Quinlan

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