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Lost Interiors

Lost Interiors

Presented by the

Gregangelo MuseuM

Film Premiere: August 26th, 2021
Semi-finalist for Best Dance Video and Best Experimental Short at the San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival

The Gregangelo Museum is proud to present “Lost Interiors”, a video-poem that uses site-specific dance to explore how it feels for the body to lose access to a beloved inner space.


Many of us have viscerally experienced feelings of cabin fever, intense isolation, and grief from loss of friends and loved ones over the past year. “Lost Interiors” explores these experiences of embodied overwhelm through poetry, visuals and movement.

Choreography and Dance by:
Megan Lowe


"Calle Milagro 2" by Miah Jeffra

"All Not Lost" by Nazelah Jameson

"Four Walls" by Tongo Eisen-Martin

Music by:

Chris Gagnon and Aaron M. Gold

Costumes by:

Gregangelo Herrara and Megan Lowe

Make Up by:

Darkhia Damba

"Vanity Mirror" Prop from:

Rebecca Power

Video Edit and Sound Design by:

Chris Gagnon

Direction and Camera by:

Benjamin Friedman

Story by:

Elizeya Quate

Production by:

Edmund Zagorin

Filmed at the:

The Gregangelo Museum

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