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Never Finished


You defy gravity in the most captivating ways!

"Wow!!! You are amazing to watch!
You defy gravity in the most captivating ways! I loved this piece!
I was captivated from beginning to end!...I love your music choices and I LOVE your voice...Your voice is beautiful, haunting, and I could listen to it more."

What a pleasure it must be to move like that!

"That was gorgeous. Personal but not narcissistic. Sensuous, but because of texture and elastic movement. I love how the trickiness is all rooted in weight and elasticity, so I can feel them as much as be impressed by them. Feels inventive, connecting with the immediate environment and moment. What a pleasure it must be to move like that! The music works perfect. One of the better dance videos I've watched."

You've opened my eyes to how much is possible!

This is an amazing piece! I really enjoyed how you used the stairs and the railings, etc. so inventively, as well as the strength that you have to use the door jamb and the small ledge in the corner of the inside room. Really imaginative when you changed the perspective to look down on you in the room so that the bench became the horizon. You keep the tone steady and then release it at the end. You've opened my eyes to how much is possible!

Never Finished:

Explorations at the Finnish

Performed Live December 20th, 2014 and April 4th, 2015


Dance Film Officially Selected by:

the 12th Annual Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema on October, 25th 2015,

the 4th Annual Tiny Dance Film Festival on March 20th, 2016,

the 4th Season Sans Souci Festival's Kids + Dance + Family on May 4th, 2019,

and the Tiny Dance Film Festival's Online Alone series during 2020

A girl. Some stairs. Some railings. A door. It's frame. A wall. A ledge. The floor. Some grates. A bench. A window. Curtains...


"Never Finished: Explorations at the Finnish" is a truly inventive, site-specific exploration that is sensuous, full of texture and trickiness rooted in weight and elasticity, expanding perspective on the infinite ways a person can interact with the space around them.


Crawl through and explore with the dancer, indulge in gravity defying/gravity defining feats, witness tender moments of connection, and watch a space come to life.

Choreographed, Performed, and Edited by:

Megan Lowe


Music by:

Megan Lowe

Filmed by:

Danny Nguyen


Performed at:

The Finnish Hall - Auditorium

Berkeley, CA

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