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Piece of PEace

Vera Yin joined Megan Lowe Dances on the night of Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 for a rehearsal preview showing of Piece of Peace (Part One). Afterward, Megan, Melissa, jose, and Vera sat down to talk about the dance. Vera's words about how they experienced the work inspired and energized the dancers. We are excited to share Vera's reflections with you!

powerful, tender, evocative storytelling calling in identity formation, ancestors, volcanoes, treasured elders, and tattoo heritage in a vocally rich soundscape with luscious lithe contours and deliciously dynamic partnering inviting contemplation of the multitudes, porousness, and liminality we all inhabit

muddled in middle
disorientation tones
leaping toward center

between heaven, earth
gentle hands on supple spine
gesturing revealing

river wending through
volcanic invocation
ashes to new land

martial arts paces
learning in repetition
discipline to live

floating palindromes
fluidity holding all
caressing membranes

twinkling grandmother
ripe persimmon adventures
blooming orchid friend

whimsical tattoo
hovering ambiguity
already complete

intimate trio
interwoven witnessing
deeply felt knowing

inviting all in
many-threaded tapestry
the gift of fullness

About the Writer

Vera Yin

vera dreams of rivers, listens with ancestors, rummages in the weeds, meanders through language, dances beside time, swims among stars, reaches across unknowing, drifts along leisurely, lost since the beginning

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