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Dance Film Officially Selected by:
Rogue Dancer's FilmFest: OUtBreaK! Edition in July 2020,

and RAWdance's 28th CONCEPT Series on August 14th, 2020

A pre-quarantine site-specific dance film adventure of an old abandoned zoo, revisited while sheltering in place. Join a dancer on a journey of juxtaposition—grace, flow, strength, and sensitivity through metal cages, crumbling stones, cracked concrete, and gritty dirt.

Choreographed, Performed, & Edited by:

Megan Lowe



Kelsie Bedard, Tony Domenick, & Megan Lowe


Music Produced by Stokeland Studios:

Jake Scheps

Filmed by:

Craig Baurley


Filmed at:

Old LA Zoo

Los Angeles, CA

"Megan Lowe / Megan Lowe Dances brought (UN)CAGED and challenged the audience to consider boundaries, obstacles and how an empty space has a memory. Responding to the abandoned Old LA Zoo, Lowe explored the enclosures at length – inside and out, swinging on the metal grates – and though (UN)CAGED was a solo, it felt like she was also conversing with the souls/presences who had previously inhabited that place." 

Heather Desaulniers for Critical Dance

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