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Gathering Pieces of Peace

Megan Lowe Dances


Gathering Pieces of Peace

September 1st-2nd and 8th-9th, 2023


ODC Theater

3153 17th Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Megan Lowe Dances presents Gathering Pieces of Peace, a dance theater work that explores mixed-race Asian American experiences, with an artistic team composed of folks who identify in this way. Through thoughtful text, soulful song, and dynamic dancing, MLD addresses the complexity of navigating our fractured selves in support of wholeness, and is co-creating a supportive environment for connection that radiates out into our communities.


Continuing the momentum of Piece of Peace: Part One (which premiered in June 2022 as part of ODC's State of Play Festival and API Cultural Center's United States of Asian America Festival), our new work Gathering Pieces of Peace is propelled forward with support from CAC Impact Grant, Zellerbach Family Foundation's Community Arts Grant, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, CA Nonprofit Performing Grant, ODC's Rental Discount Initiative, and FACT/SF's Production Support Grant.

Register for Gathering Pieces of Peace Workshop #3, which will be on September 24, 2023 at Bancroft Studio, UC Berkeley.

Respond to our Call for Mixed-Race Asian American Experiences for Gathering Pieces of Peace! The first 20 people to complete the survey have the opportunity to receive a $30 stipend for their time and contribution.

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Directed by:

Megan Lowe


Choreographed and Performed by:

Clarissa Dyas, Malia Hatico-Byrne, Melissa Lewis Wong, and Megan Lowe

Artistic Support:

jose e. abad

Music by:

Peekaboo/transcriptions01, Zachary Abelson, Megan Lowe, Marica Petrey/Girl Swallows Nightingale, and Emma Tome

Lighting by:

Harry Rubeck

Production Management by:

Kevin Lo

Photography by:

RJ Muna

Images by Vita Hewitt of Gathering Pieces of Peace Premiere, September 2023
Mixed Mixer

Special Show Events

  • Friday 9/1, after the show = Mixed Mixer:
    Megan Lowe Dances is partnering with Asian Babe Gang (ABG) for ABG's second Mixed Mixer. Here is what ABG has to say about this special event: "ABG's mixed mixer was born out of the desire to gather with other mixed-race folks. We hope to use mixedness as an entrypoint to connect about shared experiences, while acknowledging and unpacking the many differences, nuances, and complexities bound to come up along the way. We hope for our Mixed Mixers to offer the first steps in longer-term efforts to politicize our identities, and build capacity together in movements that demand we show up fully. For MLD's 'Gathering Pieces of Peace,' ABG will host a Mixed Mixer-inspired reception on Fri. 9/1. Join us after the performance to continue the conversation! For this iteration of Mixed Mixer only, audience members of all racial identities are welcome. We all hold varieties of mixed cultures and backgrounds!" And of course, there will be some tasty snacks and beverages!

  • Friday 9/8, after the show = POC and Allies Jam:
    Megan Lowe Dance is partnering with Bay Area POC CI Community to host a POC and Allies Jam after the show. Here is the Bay Area POC CI Community's Mission Statement: "The POC Jam provides a much-needed space for existing and future POC dancers to be centered within the larger CI community. Additionally, we hope the jam will support the evolution of the Bay Area CI community into a more diverse, inclusive and equitable space. Our hopes and guiding intentions for the jam are as follows: 1) To create a safer/braver space for POC within the historically and predominantly white CI community; 2) To create a more accessible entry point into CI for POC who have yet to be introduced to the form; 3) To provide quality and beginner friendly CI training for existing and new POC dancers; 4) To serve as a bridge for new POC dancers wishing to join the larger CI community." For this POC and Allies Jam on Friday 9/8, all dancers are welcome to join, and it is our mission to facilitate spaces with a POC majority. In consideration of this mission, if you identify as white and would like to attend the jam, we enthusiastically encourage you to reach out to your POC friends and have them join along! (The POC CI Jam is a project of Sense Object's Artists & Activists in Residency program. You can find more info at

  • Saturday 9/8, during the show =  ASL Interpretation:
    Megan Lowe Dances is excited to be partnering with Annie Dieck
    man, Certified National Interpreter to provide American Sign Language Interpretation for Gathering Pieces of Peace.

POC and Allies
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